Profit and loss/catagories - several questions - completely lost

Works best with Foundation Template” . . . I have a (SHEETS) spreadsheet dedicated to a BUSINESS bank account and need a P&L report. Adding the P&L to the BUSINESS sheet and creating a report for 2021 I get the following . . . “No transactions meet the filter criteria” . . . but when I create a P&L in the FOUNDATION template I get a partial report that starts in August of last year.

Neither report is useful . . . one only has a partial year, and does not include all my CATEGORIES. The other has no data.

The FOUNDATION sheet has column E “hidden” (don’t know why) and column F and later starting Feb 2020 (likewise useless) but the BUSINESS sheet CATEGORIES sheet has column E starting 1/1/2020 followed by column F showing Feb 2021. I altered the heading in that sheet and may have messed up the “carry over” data from the TRANSACTION sheet. If I delete the CATEGORIES and then restore it will the restored sheet start Feb 2020?

Of course I can create my own P&L from scratch and manually enter the data but that is self defeating. Likewise, there are numerous SHEETS P&L templates available but they will not be a Tiller add-on putting me back to manual entry.

It seems the Tiller P&L template gets very little play so I am wondering if this is an orphaned template with limited functionality or if my simple needs are too robust for this template.

Hi @bob.vineyard, we’re trying to get caught up here. Do you still need help with this issue?