Recomendations for Someone New, Foundation Template w/ Savings & Debt Budget, OR Envelope Template

What a great answer, @matt. You really now the ins and outs of the solution space.

The only thing I’d add, @njustin444, in support of @matt’s “you could try both suggestion” is that you won’t lose your work categorizing your transactions if you change your mind. You can either install a different budgeting approach in the same spreadsheet or you could even start a new spreadsheet and migrate your categorization using the Migration Helper in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

At worst, starting with one approach and switching you’d lose some of your budget-change history. (Again, the hard work you do categorizing will be protected.)

As the developer of both, personally, I’m switching to the Savings Budget for 2021. While the older Envelope Budget is powerful and cool, the Savings Budget is what I wish I had built the first time around… and what I would have built had I known what I know now… then. :rocket: