Retirement Planner template question

On the instruction page for the Retirement Planner it says “If you have multiple investments with different growth rates, you can make your own spreadsheet with weighted values and different rates to get a single blended rate.” This is exactly what I would like to do but I’m not sure how to implement. Is there an example or a more detailed description of the steps?

Hi @weston.giunta, I am also not sure what that instruction means. @jono do you have more insight you can share here on this?

Hi @weston.giunta ,

You could make up a sheet like this basic example:

  • Put each investment type or account on a separate row.

  • Include the Amount (in Dollars) and the estimated Growth Rate (in a percentage) for each row.

  • You can calculate the Yearly Gain for each row by multiplying the Amount by the Growth Rate.

  • Then, add up all the Amounts and add all the Yearly Gains.

  • By dividing the Total Amount by the Total Yearly Gain you get the Average Blended and Weighted (by each type/account) Growth Rate.

In the example above, $180,000 divided by $8,060 gives an Average Growth Rate for your Portfolio of $4.48%

Does that make sense?


cc @heather

Ah I get it, yes. I was thinking a sheet like this was linked/referenced by the retirement planner but now I understand it’s just used to calculate the rate and then entered into the planner manually… which works just fine. Thanks for the fast response!


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Yes @weston.giunta . Keeping it simple.

You could calculate the rate on a sheet like this and then automatically sync the rate to the Retirement planner. Use the sheet name then cell reference formula


such as

=‘Growth Rate’!B5.
(if the average growth rate was in B5 of the Growth Rate sheet)

And put that in C10 (or elsewhere) in the Retirement Planner.