Running multiple foundation sheets with distinct categories

I am running multiple foundation sheets for different people/businesses, yet when I open a new one, the categories list from the initial sheet always appears and is imposed on the new foundation sheet. Any insights on 1. if I can run different category sheets with each new sheet and 2. if so, how?

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What you are asking for definitely should be possible, @samheitner. When you create a new Foundation template, it will start with the Tiller category defaults. You should be able to customize the categories in each sheet and they will not be linked or interconnected in any way between different spreadsheets in your account (unless you purposefully link them with something like an IMPORTRANGE).

So, I’m not sure I understand your question… Are you saying that they are interconnected (e.g. changes in one affect the others) in some way? Or just that they each start with the Tiller defaults (expected behavior)?