I have 2 Foundation Templates

This application is sooooo confusing. I’m trying to figure it out but I’m totally lost. I played around with the app for about 3 hours this morning and finally closed it for awhile. Just opened it back up and now I have 2 foundation templates!! Have no idea how I got two.

Currently, I’m doing the trial but if I can’t figure this out, I certainly won’t be paying for it.


First of all - Welcome to theTiller Community!
Now regarding your issues, I don’t see this being a problem having 2 spreadsheets. As to how another one showed up I’m afraid I can’t answer that.
You mention that the application is confusing - How so? To help put things in perspective to maybe help you - Think of your spreadsheet as an online check registor that you can customize the categories to suit your needs for income and expenses. That is the simplistic function of the spreadsheet. From there you can customize it to better suit your needs.
Perhaps this link will help you get a better understanding of the the Tiller Foundation Spreadsheet

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