Savings and Budget Tab

Regarding the savings and budget tab . How can I stop / why does my budget amount for a savings accrue despite having no actual ? for example I have a savings rainy day and i budget 500 dollars that month but the actual amount that was able to be budget for that month was 0 but under the savings budget column the 500 will accrue ?


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Sorry for the delayed reply here.

The idea with the Savings Budget is that if you budget money in a category, but don’t spend any, that budgeted amount will “rollover” into the next month.

Does that help? If no, perhaps @randy can elaborate more.

Since everything “rolls” to the next month, I am actually seeing the YTD, up to whatever month I’m viewing. Is that correct?

@angigerstner - I think so, but not necessarily “year to date” but more to date from the time your budget started accruing, if that makes sense.