Savings and Debt Template Question

When I add money to my savings account in order to equal the “Budget” expense and “Budget” Actuals, I get a huge available funds number making it difficult to be able to move money around between accounts. This overage continues for each month after when I was expecting it to reset each month. Am I looking at this the wrong way? How do you guys balance overages/underages appropriately?

You’re talking about the Savings & Debt template, right? Not the Savings Budget, right?

Hi Randy, yes the savings and debt template. Appreciate your reply and a big fan of your work!

I built it, but it has been a while since I used that template. Can you be a little more specific on your workflow? You transferred real-world money into a Feeds-connected “savings account”? And you want to use that real-world balance to fund an overage in a category in this month’s Savings Budget?

As for the recurring budget increase, that is likely because your Categories-sheet budgets have formulas in them linking them to the prior month. If you don’t like that, you can copy/paste those rows as values.

Hi Randy, I’ve looked more into the report and I just misunderstood how to use it. I understand it now and it makes sense how it is. To your statement on how this report is older, could you direct me to the latest and greatest in Tiller?

Glad you’ve got a handle on the Savings & Debt template.

Report? Are you referring to the other thread about the Amazon Business import rules?

To your note that it has been a while since you have used this template. Made me wonder what the newest Tiller templates you utilize/work on are.

Oh… I’m more of a tracker and I rely on the Savings Budget and the Budget Builder (though I’ll switch to @jpfieber’s Budget Plan next year). I don’t track savings and debt personally.

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