Savings Budget Not populating transactions

:wave: Not all of the categories in my Savings Budget are being populated with transactions. The Foundation temple is working just fine, but the Savings Budget that pulls from the same transaction sheet is not populating all of categories the Foundation temple is. It’s not “all” of the categories, just some of them that aren’t being pulled over.



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Do you still need help here or did you figure this out?

Yes. I have $1000 “Backpacking” category set as a goal in my Savings Budget sheet, and $1000 this fully. I spent $500, and categorized the transaction as “Backpacking.” But that $500 is not being subtracted from the “Backpacking” Savings goal. The “Hidden” function for this category is clear (no Hide). The category in the Category sheet is set up as “Savings.”

Hi @mpstaples - cool to see someone else has an extensive backpacking budget as I do :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of what it looks like on the Savings Budget sheet so I can get a better sense for what you mean?

I saw you created a new topic on this so I’m going to archive this one :slight_smile: