Not downloading all transactions

Been using original template. Just switched to Foundation, then to Savings template. Downloaded transactions from bank stop at 10/22 despite downloading daily since. Bank balances all correct in Summary. When I switch back to old template, the transaction go all the way up to 10/26 (obviously it isn’t a single transaction db). Everything seems to be on track, but the Savings temple is not downloading all the transactions. I’m stumpped.

Hi Michael,

Just a note, this type of thing is related to the feeds and is totally fair game to write into support via Chat/email about. It’s just the “how to” type stuff for Community templates that are supported here and not via email/chat.

As for this issue, I suspect it’s just getting used to Tiller Money Feeds.

You have to launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on via the Add-ons menu and click “Fill sheets” to get the data into your sheet now.


Oh. Okay. I’ll try it