Separate individual accounts from Transactions sheet

Hello all - I’m trying to create sub pages for each of five accounts that show up on the Transactions sheet. Tiller feed updates daily, I see the data all together on the Transactions page; I’d like to also have it dynamically show up on another sheet filtered for each account ( one account per sheet).
I tried copying the data and pasting in a new sheet but it was not dynamic, didn’t update when the Transaction data changed.
Pivot tables might work, but I need to spend more time with that to be sure. Another possibility is copying the data as a table.
I see there is an addon in Tiller Labs to do this in Google sheets, but I prefer the security of Excel.
Has anyone else already set up this kind of workflow?

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Yip, you never want to copy/paste. That leads to stale data.
You can try these formulas

  3. INDEX

Maybe start here or here

I found a way to do this by creating a macro that:

  1. starts by clearing the sheet
  2. copies all transactions of a particular type to the sheet
  3. sorts them how I want them sorted

You could do this for each account and it would do what you want. The main Transactions sheet is really the only data source, the other sheet basically gets completely refreshed when you run the macro.

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Did either of the suggestions :point_down: help? If so, please mark one as the solution.


Couldn’t one just use the filter tools built into Google Sheets (or Excel) on the transactions sheet to see the desired account? And then clear filters to see all accounts?

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Yes, filtering the Transactions sheet would allow you to see each individual accounts Transactions.

I think the Account Filter tab was designed to specifically do what you want to do.