Separate tab for business expenses

I finally have enough steady consulting work to merit starting an LLC and getting a bank account to use only for business income and expenses. However, it’s an online account (Novo Bank) and I will be depositing income into it and then transferring an appropriate amount to my personal checking account as my salary.

I will connect the account so that the transactions show up in the transactions tab, but then would like to have a separate tab for budgeting and viewing the actuals vs budget within my normal Google sheet. Any suggestions for how to do this, for those are consultants? (Not a lot of inflows or outflows- under 10/month.)


Right now, none of the Tiller Money or Labs solutions/templates support having two separate budgets based on accounts.

So I’d recommend just creating a separate Google Sheet just for the business if you need a distinct budget for it. You can link up to 5 sheets and mix/match which accounts feed which sheets.

Otherwise, if you want everything in one sheet you can put all the relevant business categories in their own Groups (one Group for Business Income and one for Business Expense) and they’ll show up as a separate section on the Budget, but they’ll still be co-mingled with the rest of your personal budget.

Thanks, Heather. I’ll give it a try and see which one works the best.