Share your favorite podcast about money and personal finance!

Over on the blog, we shared a huge list of over 40 podcasts about money, personal finance, and investing.. There’s something for everyone there. But if you have a favorite money podcast, please share it below!

Me: always running, not walking, to recommend the Rational Reminder podcast.

It’s by far my favourite finance podcast by two portfolio managers, though they are very mindful of not promoting their own business and doing this podcast for the greater good. It can go very deep on theory and research, but I learn from those episodes even if I don’t understand everything, and then they also talk about goal setting, decision making, etc. It provides much deeper expertise on finance than many of the other podcasts I’ve found and I love recommending it.


Two of the best out there. No list is complete without both of these.

Talking Real Money

Sound Investing

Thank you! I will add it to our podcast list. This one sounds great and I look forward to checking it out.

Fantastic @MarcC! I will add both of these to our podcast list. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing @Edward… Can’t wait to check these out!!

I know this is a pretty old thread, but just recently joined and have been browsing & exploring. Recently I’ve been enjoying Ramit Sethti’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich. The money parts are interesting, but I also find the interpersonal communications and psychology aspects surrouning money fascinating as well.


I recommend this book to every new college graduate I work with these days. I was in their shows 10 years ago and this book came through for me. I continue to use a lot of habits from that book.