Shared Expenses like Honeydue

I’m a Mint user new to Tiller - I am hoping to achieve something like what we were doing with Honeydue. We are a couple with separate finances, so we want to track all of our shared expenses, then settle up on a quarterly basis. So the goal is that we can see the shared transactions of the household, but everything else is hidden from the other person.

Can we do something like this?

Google Sheets:

  • Alice Tiller Foundation Template, filled by Alice Connected Accounts
  • Bob Tiller Foundation Template, filled by Bob Connected Accounts

Alice and Bob both categorize each transaction into their own Categories.
A subset of transactions are marked with Category Group Alice Shared Expense or Bob Shared Expense

  • Shared Expenses Tiller Foundation Template, no Connected Accounts; Transactions imported from above

Transactions are pulled from Alice Tiller Foundation Template and Bob Tiller Foundation Template, only extracting the groups Alice Shared Expense and Bob Shared Expense.

This yields a Spending Trends view with clear Groups for each person, and we can settle up accordingly.

Are there any Tiller Community Solutions to assist with this? Thanks!

I’m thinking you likely will want to each set up a Category report sheet (or possibly a Tags report sheet) of some kind in each main sheet, and set it to the shared expense category, and then from a third Google Sheet, grab the data from the two other sheets, and then have a tab that sums up both what Alice paid and what Bob paid to find the household total, and then see who paid more and who owes what to whom.

Something like this to take the first step inside each personal sheet to get the relevant transactions:

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I would use tags, since it’s easier and you wouldn’t have to duplicate categories.
You can then use AutoCat to assign a tag based on which card or account was used.

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Thanks @yossiea! I think I might be able to accomplish what I want with Transaction Tags, Transaction Tracker, and IMPORTRANGE. I posted a more detailed question in the TT thread.

Thanks @Caroleen! I was not familiar with Transaction Tracker - it’s outstanding and I think it might work perfectly for us.

Glad I could point you in the right direction! Though I take no credit for the TT solution itself!