Simple Account transactions and balance projections

I just started my trial after a software update killed an old but simple app on my mac called Squirrel which was bought by MoneyWiz in 2017.

Squirrel (and apparently MoneyWiz) are simple finance apps for Mac that are perfect for people who mainly just want to track their incomes and expenses just like me. One would think that a complex app like Tiller would easily provide the same features. So here’s what I am not finding in Tiller:

  • A simple income vs expenses for bank accounts where you can see the running balance together with current transactions. Tiller fetches account transactions so why not show the actual account running balance on a sheet?
  • A simple calendar that allows to enter recurring bills, transfers, etc.
  • A simple graph that take that calendar of recurring transactions (bill, salary, deposits, etc) and lets me know where I’ll be in a couple of months time

I was unable to find any of the above. What am I missing? Apologies is these are questions that already have answers (that would be awesome!), but I have not been able to find them in the community or in the main app.

Tiller’s huge advantage is that it’s on Google Docs, btw, but my trial month is ticking and I need to know if I need to look elsewhere.


hi @albertoconti, sorry for the long delay here! I’ve answered in line below in case you are still considering
or using Tiller and don’t yet have the answers

You’re right we don’t have a running balance at this time, but possibly something we could introduce in the future.

This doesn’t have a graph per se, but it does allow you to track upcoming bills. Docs: Bill Payment Tracker

There is also a recurring expenses tracker

Hope that helps!