Split transactions into the future?

Many credit cards with retailers (like amazon) let you split a purchase up into X charges (like once a month for 12 months). In tiller, these still show being billed all at once. Is there a tool to easily split a charge into the future in equal amounts?

To clarify why I want to do this: I’d like the budget of a computer to be spread out into monthly chunks of my “computer” budget on the main budget tracker

I’m not aware of any Tiller tool that would do that but do have a thought on one way to handle the situation you might want to consider.

You could use a Tag such as AmazonLoan when you categorize the original charge transaction to the appropriate expense category. Then when payments are subsequently posted, you could Tag them to the same AmazonLoan and categorize it as a Transfer.

You can then run a Tags Report and see the remaining balance of your loan whenever you want.

Let me know if that looks like it would work for you,

P.S. Here’s a link to the Tags Report documentation:

Tags Report Documenation

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I would question why a balance is being billed all at once, considering the retailer should be charging your account the agreed monthly components. In theory, only the actual charges should be showing on your account and thus be pulled into Tiller.
If it’s something that you want to manually split into different months, then just split the full transaction and change the date on the splits.

I think I’ll just try the latter next time. I’ve tried payment plan type things on three cards and all of them show the full charge when it happens in the main app, it breaks it down into monthly on the pdf bill so if you’re paying manually it’s clear what you owe this month, what’s a part of a previous plan, and what remains of the plan, but that doesn’t sync to tiller.

I’m not familiar with the tools you are using, @ianhyzy. What @sam.benito is saying makes more sense to me… that Tiller should pull in the real world end-transactions after they are split into component parts.

If the transactions aren’t pulling in the way you want, you could always manually add instances of each transaction split with appropriate times and amounts and delete the full master transaction.

Tiller doesn’t pull in the transactions as separate payment, it only pulls in the original transaction, but I think that’s expected?

Like I bought a bike on my amex. It was one purchase to the company, it shows as one purchase on my card. I pressed “plan it” in the amex app and it splits the purchase up on my next 12 statements. So I don’t pay the original balance, but a portion of the purchase price is added to my statement each month.

Sorry, @ianhyzy, but I’m not familiar with the way that specific Amex tool works. I think your options are to accept the way the data comes to us from our data aggregator or to manually-manipulate it in the spreadsheet to best align to your workflow.

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