Sub Categories for budgeting

I am coming from Quicken and trying to learn how to do budget categorization. Quicken tracks subcategories to the primary category and I can have multiple subcategories named the same as long as they are tied to different categories. It seems in Tiller that each category has to have a unique name or there is a yellow highlight indicating the category is duplicated. For instance I have multiple homes and each home has the same categories and subcategories. In quicken I can just ty each of those subcategories (e.g. supplies, property tax, M&R) to the category of the individual home and I do not need to uniquely name each subcategory. Am I limited in Tiller to uniquely naming each subcategory.

Our category structure does have three tiers, so you may be able to utilize Groups and Categories in a similar way you were using subcategories. Here’s some more reading on how our category structure works.

You can also try Tags to add an extra level of detail for your categorization!

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