Tags report not updating

I have added the tags report and I have added tags to several transactions but my tags report is still not updated. Appreciate any suggestions.


Can you double check that you have selected an appropriate date range on the Tags Report? Sometimes the master is set to a time range that doesn’t apply to the transactions you’ve tagged.

Also, double check that the column in the Transactions sheet is “Tags” - no quotes.

Finally, if neither of those help, try restoring the Tags Report using the Tiller Money Labs add-on > Manage Solutions > Restore (no need to archive, but you may have to adjust the date range again).


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Those are all helpful suggestions, thank you. But perplexingly the report is populated today. Wondering if there was some hang up in Google Sheets. I even closed out my browser and reopened a few times yesterday and it remained blank. If I continue to have issues I’ll re-do add-on like you suggested.