Tags Report template: Tags missing $ and count

The Tags Report is not showing the dollar amount or count of transactions tagged with some tags.

My Transaction tab has a column labeled “Tags”. I label some transactions with more than one tag that are separated by a comma with no space between them. e,g, 731,Rentals or 744,Rentals

The unique list of all tags in column A of the Tags report includes 731, 744, and Rentals in separate rows so they are being recognized as individual tags.

The dollar value and count of transactions shown for “Rentals” is correct but the dollar value and transaction counts for 731 and 744 are blank.

I think this is because 731 and 744 are numbers. The formulas in columns B & C start with "IF(ISTEXT)

If this is the reason these tags aren’t being summarized, is there a way to modify the formula or change the way I enter these tags to get them to appear properly?

RESOLVED: Changing the tags to include text fixed the problem. 731,Rentals became 731 Corsica,Rentals. Simple solution. So, I learned that the Tags Report won’t summarize tags that are not text values.