Tiller on iPad iOS

Looking to use Tiller on my iPad. Not having any luck with Sheets app. Anyone have advice experience to share before I go the excel route?

I use my iPad. I use the web version of sheets ( not the app). I also set the browser to give me the desktop version of the app. It works good.


Thanks. Just getting back into using an iPad. :smiley: :smiley: :grinning:

I believe that Google doesn’t allow the add-ons that drive Tiller Money Feeds and Tiller Labs to run on mobile devices. You should be able to access your data on a mobile platform but not pull in new data or templates.


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I turned on both the automatic transaction update as well as auto-cat. Now I can use the app but most often i find myself in the browser using the desktop version as suggested above.

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With iOS 13 (now named iPadOS), you can load sheets.google.com on Safari and have the same experience as visiting the web on a laptop. I had to delete the Sheets app from my iPad to avoid it always opening links in the app. Tried it today and works great- plugins and all.


Thanks I tried it and it’s working for me as well.

Awesome. I just updated my sheets on my IPad as well and had the same experience as the desktop version.

Hey all, if anyone needs the add-on functionality but still needs Google Sheets app on their phones for other things, I use the iOS Desktop Browser app and it works great. You can simultaneously use the mobile web version with Add-Ons as well as the nicer Sheets App version.