Using Tiller on an iPad

Is there a way to use your iPad to use the full functionality of the Tiller Money website?

When I successfully sign into Tiller Money using either the Safari or the Chrome app on my iPad and I click on the “Open File” from the dashboard, it opens the Google Sheet iOS app.

Is there a way to use my iPad to have Safari or Chrome to open a separate browser tab to use the full functionality of the Tiller Money website?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know how well it would work on an iPad but you can use the browser of your choice to go to and open your spreadsheet.

@tgleonard we do have some other folks chiming in about this over here:

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Heather, thanks for the reply. I was able to open Tiller in my browser on my iPad with full functionality. However, I would like to have the Sheet app available. thanks again

@tgleonard, you can use the Google Sheets app to view your Tiller Money-powered sheets, but the gSheets app doesn’t allow you to launch or use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, hence why we recommend using the browser on the iPad for those features and gSheets app for reviewing. Make sense?

If you happen to use Chrome you will have to choose “Request Desktop Site” in to p right drop down for accessing history, setting and other options.

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This is how i primary use Tiller. If you Request Desktop Site the Tiller Add-ons works as expected. The Sheets App is a horrible experience.

@richl or @rebelmrd can you share screenshots of these steps? I don’t have access to a newer iPad and can’t figure out if the request desktop site step needs to happen when you visit the Tiller Console or somehow after you click “open sheets” - a customer is trying to open their Google Sheet using iPad but it just keeps defaulting to the Google Sheets app.

Thanks a million!

I had to try it two or three times to get it to work for me just now. I gave up trying on iPad a while ago due to all the extra steps.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for :slight_smile:

On newer Ipads it will display in desktop mode by default. but if not you can click on the address bar

and if you want to make it permanent go to the Website Settings and turn the REquest Desktop Website slider to on.

I just noticed I posted the after screen shot … but @richl hooked you up with the correct ones :slight_smile:

Thanks @richl and @rebelmrd - do either of you have the Google Sheets app installed on your iPad? I think what’s happening with this customer is that it’s automatically opening the Google Sheets app instead of the browser tab for the sheet when she clicks “open sheet” from the Tiller Console. In another topic someone mentioned they had to totally remove the Google Sheets app from their iPad.

Yes, I do have the Sheets app on my iPad :slight_smile: … here’s my sequence to get it on the Chrome browser in iOS (iPad Air 3rd Gen running iOS 15.5)

Open Chrome and search for Google Sheets: Sign-in
From the search results choose “Request Desktop Website”
Click on the first search result - Google Sheets: Online Spreadsheet Editor | Google Workspace
It takes me to a page that’s talking about signing up for Docs > Sheets
Then I choose Google Sheets: Sign-in from the browser bar dropdown (history)

Sorry I cant get all the screen shots at the moment.

I have removed the sheets app.

How do you enable the Tiller Add-ons (on iPad) once one manages to get their sheet to open in the browser window? Chrome and/or Safari.

In desktop mode it works just like a normal browser . No configuration needed I have gotten it so work on both safari and chrome

Hmm. I have DESKTOP mode turned on (even made the permanent switch per your OP), but I don’t see where I can load the Tiller Money Feed add-on. Safari.

Here is what I see. I am also using Safari

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Got it! So, I chose “Desktop Site” and switched it to permanent, but then had to close the active tab and reopen it. Once I reopened the tab with my sheet - ta-da - it worked. Thanks, Rich, your insight is much appreciated.

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I can’t seem to get thi to work. When I open my sheet I leave chrome and can’t get desktop mode