Tiller spreadsheet crashes in IOS

Whenever I open my Tiller spreadsheet in IOS (iPhone) either with Google Drive app or Google Sheets app it crashes after a few seconds. Is this a known problem ?

The Sheets app seems to work for me using iPhone iOS version 17.3.1, although it’s the first time I’ve tried it, so very little time poking around the various sheets.

I think the other method people use is to load the spreadsheet using Safari and request the desktop site by tapping the A’s to the left of the URL. You may need to uninstall Sheets, though.

I’ve never tried it because Sheets is generally awkward on iOS. FYI, the Tiller sidebars won’t appear on iOS. They aren’t compatible with Sheets on iOS.

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I’ve tried to uninstall Sheets and Drive and same thing. It crashes after a few seconds when going to Balances tab. I’ll try the Safari option, thank you

This is my experience also. I have had it also corrupt my Tiller Google Sheet. My guess is that the complexity of the Tiller spreadsheet is just not supported on mobile devices.

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How did using Safari go?