Timezone for Time Column in "Balance History"

Does anyone know what time zone the date and time are on the Balance History tab?

I believe it should be based on the Time Zone for the spreadsheet, which you can change at ‘File/Settings/General/Time Zone’

@joelevy, I think it’s likely based on the server where the data is stored or it’s just UTC - I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think it’s based on the spreadsheet’s settings. I’ll check in w/ the dev team on this.

Ok and thanks. Let me know

Hi @joelevy,

Can you share more about what you’re seeing/why you’re asking? Does there seem to be problem or you’re just curious?

Without a lot of digging, I don’t have a clear answer for you. Dates/times in spreadsheets are very complex, then there’s all the stuff happening on the servers and databases + our data provider’s databases/servers. TLDR; it’s not an easy question to answer.

I just want to know the time zone of these fields: see screen shot.


So there are a couple different answers to this question. I’ll hopefully answer your specific question as much as possible but provide some caveats.

The specific balance histories you have circled there are showing the UTC values. Meaning the balance was recorded on 12/02/2021 at 3:53AM UTC. I looked that balance entry up on our backend and confirmed that.

Now the caveats: unfortunately the client-side code handles date/time fields inconsistently, so it’s really difficult to say with certainty that any specific column is displayed in a specific timezone. In some cases (mostly older sheets on a legacy system) the dates are PST. Unfortunately there’s no sure way to know for sure based solely on the sheet’s data. This is something we want to fix but haven’t been able to.