Tracking Checking Account

Is there a way to track the running balance of my checking account that includes unreconciled manual transactions? Basically I want to be able to see my account balance including the uncashed checks I’ve written. I know manual additions won’t update on the balances or insights tabs, and the statements sheet doesn’t really work either, since it’s designed to be used after the fact. What I want is to recreate a checkbook register in Tiller.

You can add manual transactions and then when it comes in, you can use the transaction reconciler to remove the duplicates.

Stay tuned, I think I have something that will work for you…

I just posted a template called “Account Register” that I think does what you’re looking for. Have a look and let me know!

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Hi, I’m new to Tiller and I know this thread is over a year old, but how would I go about adding some additional columns to my Account Register? I’d like to see check number, category, complete description, and whether it is reconciled. I’ll be happy to do the work myself if I’m pointed in the right direction. Proficient in Excel but not in Google Sheets where my Tiller is located.


You would have to expand the hidden columns by clicking the + above column H and then modify the queries in cell R5 (which would require expanding the list of ranges listed in columns I-L). Once that was done, you’d need to modify the queries in cell B3. Overall not super complex, but a bit of a pain due to the large number of changes required…

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Thanks very much! I’ll give it a go. Much appreciated.

Did @jpfieber’s suggestion resolve the issue, @sblagoue?

Yes, that works for me. Thank you!

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