Statement Details question

I just installed this add-on. Do I have to manually enter the statement for every transaction in the transaction tab?

Once you get your statement, you then need to put in that statement ID that you created in the sheet, into your transactions. It’s a manual process, but then you can see what Tiller shows versus what your statement shows.
What I do is filter by the account, and then just drag down until I hit the right date (or prior statement).

Yea, it’s a method of reconciling. A few times I found where I had screwed something up in my transactions and was able to fix them. After putting the Statement info into the Statement sheet, as @yossiea suggested, filter by account. Then I usually look at the first entry on my bank statement, find it in my Transactions sheet, and choose the correct ‘Statement’ from the dropdown. I then copy that, and for the rest, as I locate them, I paste the statement in. If I can’t find something from the bank statement in my transaction sheet, or I end up with a transaction that wasn’t on the statement, somethings wrong! Also, when you’re done, you go back to the Statement sheet and if you don’t have two green “Match”'s , somethings wrong!

@yossiea – how do you “get” your bank statement – does it come directly from the bank to the spreadsheet? Or are you working from the dead-tree copy? I’m just getting started and the help section is still pretty opaque to me. I’m in sheets, fwiw.

I usually open a PDF from the bank and then put in the opening and closing numbers. The statement itself doesn’t go to Tiller. You just put the information in on the statement sheet and then reconcile what Tiller shows

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thanks – pretty steep learning curve at least today as I start!