Can I use Statement Details template without Statements sheet + question

Two questions re: Statement and Statement Details Sheets:

  1. Is it possible to go directly to Statement Details Sheet, bypassing the Statements Sheet. In this case I would type in Statement Reference name in the format created in Statements Sheet

  2. I have entered data in Statement Sheet and then entered all data in the top half of the Statement Details Sheet. After a few seconds it tells me that Net Deposits and Net Withdrawals match, but I do not see number of transactions for the month of details of transactions.

I should add that I did not go to the Transactions Sheet at all as it is too cumbersome to use Statement Sheet and Transaction sheet. Much easier to go directly to Statement Details Sheet.

Anil Parikh

The way it’s supposed to work (or at least the way I’ve been using it) is that you enter the amounts from your bank statement into the “Statements” sheet. You then go to the “Transactions” sheet and assign all the transactions to their corresponding statements using the dropdowns in the “Statement” column. You go back to the “Statements” sheet to see if then end results match up (if it’s still red you’ve likely missed a transaction). If they match (both columns are green), then you’ll know that the “Statement Details” sheet, which gets it’s transactions from the “Transactions” sheet, is accurate. Without assigning the transactions on the “Transactions” sheet, there is no way for the “Statement Details” sheet to know which transactions to show.

Thanks for clearly defining the process.

So going direct to Statement Details does not work. In that case the process of Starting with Statement Sheet, then to Transactions sheet and then to Statement Details if required is too time consuming and cumbersome. Here’s an alternate approach that I have figured out and it works.

First check if Tiller month end balance matches bank statement. If that is the case, go to Account Filter sheet and count total number of transactions (deposits and withdrawals) in the account for that month. If this matches those in bank statement, you are done. This is much quicker and simpler approach. Only watch out is that you have to account for any split transactions. Just deduct the additional entries in split transactions and then Account Filter will again match with bank statement. Same applies to credit card statements.

I guess that’s the beauty of Tiller Money, if you don’t like what’s provided, you can change it to work for you!


I provide a few comments.

Under your approach, you miss out on the running balance that Statement Details provides, you have no documented trail to look back to, you have no history showing which accounts and dates you analyzed, and you have no documentation that everything still balances in the future.

Let’s say you balance your January 2021 checking account to Tiller and everything is fine. Then the next day one of those transactions in Tiller gets accidentally deleted. You will not know that you are now out of balance.

I wanted to mention these for the other readers. Yes, Tiller offers lots of flexibility. Like the saying goes, to each their own.