Transactions no longer displaying on Statement Details sheet

I have a question about the Statement Details template from Tiller Money Labs.
Transactions are no longer displaying for any of the reconciled accounts in the Statement Details template. Formerly all transactions appeared but suddenly stopped. I did recently import historical data for several accounts but made sure the structure and headings matched. Any ideas?

You might start debugging by unhiding the hidden area off to the right side on both the Statements and Statement Details sheets by clicking on the left pointing arrow in the upper right:

Note that the Statement Details sheet depends on the Statements sheet to function so the error could be in the Statements sheet too.

There will be support formulas and some of them will (most likely) look broken. That should help you isolate the problem. If you aren’t able to fix it, let us know in this thread what support formulas don’t seem to be working properly.


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Thanks for the helpful clues. I was able to correct a mislabeled column ID by studying the hidden data structure.