Updates statements breaks statement details sheet

I updated the Statement sheet and put all my statements in but when I got the Statement details sheet to view the Unreconciled Transactions the running balance is all wrong. However when I view the Statement Transactions everything looks right. Any ideas? I tried to updated it before and ran into the same problem so restored the old but it’s bugging me!

:wave: @twirl23

Did you get this figured out?

I’m wondering if the balance is incorrect because the transactions are unreconciled and that’s just how it works. @randy or @jono can you share more on how this sheet is supposed to work?

Not sure if this will help but I had the same issue and my problem was that started the statement process in middle of my data, so my transactions from say 2020 were not included in a statement. What I had to do was create a dummy statement and reconcile that. Then I had all my statements, and the new transactions were unreconciled and matched what the running balance should be.

I had all the statement date and reconciled but it still didn’t work. I’m so confused.

I’m using the old version because I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. I had all the statement date and reconciled them and it just had weird balances on all my accounts. I’m nervous to try it again without any new ideas.

Hi @twirl23 ,
Is it just the running balance column that seems wrong and everything else is ok?
Or are extra transactions showing up or some transactions that should be there missing in the Statement Details sheet?