Statements Details sheet calculations

Question: Why is the Statement Details report not accounting for two negative entries of -$144.60 described. The Statement Details tab when I try and reconcile says I am out of balance by $289.20 which is the total of the two -$144.60 entries in for Split Transactions under Transaction tab. The two separate splits entries are 1) Husband Income Category of “S.S”: +$1,573.60 and of Expense Category “MC”, -$144.60; 2) Wife entry is S.S. +$733.60 and MC -$144.60. The monthly checking account statement from Bank is correct. It shows a net received of $1,429 for husband and $589 for wife. What am I doing wrong? How can I correct it?
Thanks. Larry

@larry.cocarr, thanks for posting your question here.

@randy or @jonorlin any advice on this one?

Hi @larry.cocarr,
I’m having trouble duplicating the results you got. Can you reply to these questions to help me investigate further:

  1. Do all 4 transactions (2 x 2 Split Transactions) rows in the Transactions sheet have the correct and same Statement entry?

  2. Did you enter the Statement label to the Transactions before or after you Split the Transactions?

  3. Do you see all 4 Transactions lines in the Statement Details sheet?

  4. It does seem that $1,429 is the Net received for Husband (1573.60 minus 144.60) and $589 is the Net received for Wife (733.60 minus 144.60). Maybe I’m not understanding something. Are all these transactions part of the same Account and same Statement? How do they appear on the Bank Statement differently?