Updating credit card accounts

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I have a credit account, where the balance is negative.
When I pay de credit card, as a transfer, I make a deposit in that account.

for example. My account has -63$.
I made a deposit of 37$, so the result should be -26$. Instead is -100$ :sa:
Why is that?

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Can you show the relevant lines from Transactions and Balance History?

Transactions, from one account for another. Both categories are transfers:

Balance history:

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I don’t know why, but instead of a deposit for my credit account I have to do a withdrawl, and that does not make sense.

I created the credit account with a negative value, to achieve 0$ after all is paid off.

Thats the right way to do it?

I’m not doing any manual credit cards, but my linked credit cards all have positive balances.
Balance History:

And the credit card payments are positive transfers for the credit card account.

I think it’s positive, because it’s a credit/liability account.
Even when looking at my credit card accounts online, outside of Tiller, the balances are positive.

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thank you for your reply.

I think so, we have to create a credit card account with the value in debt and not the credit limit .

And you classify the transaction as a debit from checking and a transfer to credit account?

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Here are the corresponding payments for my bank account.
They are also transfers - transfer on both sides, from bank account (transfer out) to credit card account (transfer in).
Bank Transactions:

And when the credit card is used to make purchases, those are negative amounts to the credit card account (expense categories).

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