Credit Card Balance showing as positive instead of negative

On the balances sheet, 0ne of my credit cards shows a positive balance when it should be negative. (On the Transactions sheet, all is fine and debits show as debits… I recall reading somewhere how to fix that but have searched and cannot seem to find the solution. What is required to correct this issue? Thanks. Dave

Hi @davidmark:

On the Balances Tab, most routine credit card balances should appear as positive, but this is considered in the back-end formula where their sum increases your liabilities but reduces your net worth.

Clarifying…is it that you have a debit balance to report from this credit card (your charges are less than your refunds and payments) and that debit balance is not appearing as a negative?

Balances for all account types are absolute values so neither will show as positive or negative.

Hi Heather,

My balances sheet does show negatives for some credit cards but I just realized the accounts are actually in a credit position as my wife and I must have both paid! So, all is good.