Credit Card Transactions

Super basic question. It appears that my credit card transactions are showing up inconsistently. Are they supposed to populate as a negative “-$xxx” amount or a positive “$xxx” amount? Thank you.

Hi @mattdarnell,

Your answer depends on the kind of transaction. For any point of sale or online purchase, the transaction will be a negative amount on your transactions sheet. For any refunds, credits, or credit card payments, those transactions will have a positive transaction amount on the card account. Credit card payments will also have a corresponding negative transaction on the bank account you are paying from, which is why it is recommended to categorize the credit card payment transactions on both accounts as transfers.

Thank you. That makes sense. The majority of my credit card transactions come across as “negative” as you describe them. Several though are “positive” and don’t represent a refund or credit of any sort. I’ll keep an eye open going forward. Thank you again.

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My Citi LL Bean Mastercard transactions are all coming over as positive. It is confusing and I am going online to check which ones are purchases and which are refunds. Luckily I don’t use it much. All other CCs are negative for purchases and positive for payments and refunds.