Using AI with Google Sheets

Hey folks! Anyone want to learn how to use AI and Sheets together? AI is changing the landscape of knowledge work and can be a tremendous asset if you know how to use it correctly.

I use ChatGPT to give me a headstart whenever I’m writing Apps Script. It generates useful code and saves me hours of trial and error. And the other day, I used AI to clean up messy data to present to a potential client. The AI tool quickly categorized hundreds of unique entries that would have taken me hours.

If you’re not sure where to start, I just launched a new course that teaches both of these workflows and many more. It’s 50% off at the moment: The AI Playbook for Google Sheets


Thank you for sharing this Ben! This looks like the best way to not only get caught up but also take the lead with AI in Google Sheets. I am looking forward to this.

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I’ve used the AI tools built into sheets (paid access to the beta or something? I can’t recall) to help me rough in a template concept. That’s been really helpful. I’m excited to see where AI that’s native to spreadsheets takes us!

I like that you’ve use ChatGPT to get a head start on Apps Script. I know there are so many things it could do to help speed up workflows for folks. Thanks so much for sharing this @benlcollins

Have you thought of any specific applications within Tiller spreadsheets yet?

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Hi @heather that’s the new Duet AI tool in Google Sheets. It’s handy for generating templates like you say. I’m excited to see where it goes. Once it can help with analysis then it’ll become really useful as it’s still limited at the moment.

I haven’t unleashed AI on my Tiller Sheet yet, but it’d be great to build a tool that you could prompt with questions like:

“how does my spending this month compare with the previous month? Or the previous 6 months?”

“identify how much I spend on subscriptions every month”

“what % of my spend is on discretionary stuff versus essential stuff?”

Of course, you can answer these types of questions by digging into your data and running pivot tables yourself. But I think the real power will come when you can have a conversation about with the AI about your data, so you can just throw out questions as they pop into your head. It’ll be much quicker and more intuitive, and lead to fresh insights. “oh because of that, tell me about this” sort-of-thing.

Exciting time to be working in this field!

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Sorry Ben, IMHO ChatGpt seems like an unhelpful tool for this application. Seriously the examples stated are obvious solutions to anyone who has the ability to use Tiller. Tiller is amazing, useful, and is integrated with many outside actors like banks, investment brokers, while ChatGPT is, meh.