#Value Error on Monthly Budget Sheet

Error says: Error Function MINUS parameter 1 expects number values. But ’ ’ is a text and cannot be coerced to a number.

One error in each cell Cells H33 and H48

Is this with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel?

Sorry, google sheets.

I don’t see any MINUS function calls anywhere in the Monthly Budget sheet? :thinking:

Can you post the formula in the cell with the Error?

H-column is labeled “AVAILABLE”.

Cell H16 is this arrayformula, which would fill the entire column with data, I believe:


I’m not good with Google sheets yet. Looks like the same. I grabbed the formula from the Header.


What is formula in cell H33, the one with the Error?

How do i see that. Sorry, you are working with a real rookie here.

Select the cell and formula displays in the fx bar, here’s H16 partial snapshot:

Not seeing it.

Is there a way I can delete the sheet and copy the one from the original spreadsheet.

To restore the Monthly Budget template, select:
Menu > Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Templates

Select Restore Template for the Monthly Budget.

Okay, let me try that, then I have to leave this for the afternoon. Thanks f the assist. I’m starting this new so I’m trying to learn a lot. Again Thanks @Mark.S

Hey @Mark.S - Restore worked perfect! Thanks Again!

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