What category should my topic go under?

We started this community with a minimal number of categories to keep it organized and tidy. We’re open to suggestions on how to improve and keep it organized as it grows organically. Reply to this topic if you have suggestions on how we might improve the organization/structure.

Here is our general guide on how your topic should be organized

Start Here - Tiller staff only can post here. Guidance and best practice for participating in the Tiller Community.

Discussions - general discussion, feedback, and questions on using Tiller to manage your money in a spreadsheet. Specific sub-categories include budgeting, net worth, tracking, etc.

Tiller Labs - everything related to the latest and greatest from our science lab of cool tools, templates, and workflows.

Feature Requests - have an idea for how to make using Tiller better? Post it here, but be sure you’re not creating a duplicate request. Vote on existing requests here too!

Uncategorized - post it here if you’re not sure where else it should go.