What is safest way to add some columns to Google Tiller Foundation sheet?

I want to add some columns to the Tiller Foundation (Google) spreadsheet for some special purpose information - There is no need to interact with any data in the spreadsheet. What is the safest way to do this? I assume new columns would be to the right of anything already in the Foundation spreadsheet, but which sheet should I add to? - transactions? categories? Others? Thanks! Very new user…

I think you could add your own sheet by clicking the + in lower-left corner, and then you can do whatever you want in that sheet.


Welcome @wa9als

You are able to insert columns wherever you like in the transaction sheet, there are a list of supported columns that might interest you but if you need special columns then feel free, pretty much all of the sheets use dynamic lookups so that if a column is inserted or moved then it still finds the intended data column.

If you need columns in the categories sheet i would just suggest to not break the months up as there are cascading formulas in order to fill over budget amounts from month to month.

It is very hard to break! You can definitely add columns wherever you like, in whichever sheet you like. Depending where you insert your new column in the Categories sheet, you may notice the conditional formatting gets carried over, which you can always adjust, or add a new column elsewhere in the sheet then drag it over to where you want to have it. Just be sure not to rename any of the pre-existing column headers.

Hi @wa9als,
@Mark.S makes a great suggestion to just do an entirely separate sheet where you can setup additional data however you want. However if you need to refer to this column you need within relevant data as @Caroleen said it depends on the sheet so perhaps let us know what you’re looking to have this new column do?