Which tablet to use Tiller and Tiller's add-ons

Hi all,
I bought a new Samsung Android tablet. I cannot successfully install Tiller Money add-ons in this tablet. When I try to add the Tiller add-ons, I’m taken to Google Play where the add-ons are not located. Does anyone have a solution for this with Android tablets. Or can anyone suggest a tablet that works with Tiller Money add-ons? I would like to use a tablet when I’m traveling and be able to update and work with my Foundation Template while traveling.

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Google allows add-ons to be accessed via anything mobile. To enable the add-on, you’ll have to use a desktop. Once you do that and have everything set up, you should be able to edit and add transactions via mobile.

Use the browser in your tablet it won’t work from the sheets app. I assume chrome. And in your browser setting have it request the desktop website. ( there’s an option for this). Addins should work, it does for me with my iPad