Yearly Budget issues in Excel

I am using both Sheets & Excel at the moment, until I am either happy with my Sheets knowledge or all the features come to Excel. I have the latest Excel template, and there is some strangeness in the Yearly Budget sheet. The amounts for INCOME do not match up…As expected, cells E8 & E10 match, but cells F8 & G8 are wrong (F10 & G10 are correct).

I can see the formula in F8; not sure I can unpack it all it does. There is a formula in F10, but it is greyed out, and I cannot edit it nor get the full formula (it must be spilling from F8).

All the transactions match up in Sheets; there the Yearly Budget Sheet looks correct.

@dirk.van.assendelft sorry for the delay here.

If you still need help, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at as this is part of our core product the team there will be able to help most efficiently and you can share a screenshot demonstrating the issue without sharing it publicly here in the community.

To update, this issue has been solved. In the Catagories sheet, I had created a Group type of “income”; this conflicted with the category type “Income”. I simply had to come up with an alternate name…I used “Revenue”.