"Actual income" cells erroring withing Yearly Budget tab

Using the Tiller foundation template. Looking at the Yearly budget tab.

The actual incomes for each month are not totaling correctly. In short, my income for February has also been totaled into January’s income. Now, the added income for March is being totaled into February…which is also feeding into January.

It’s a lovely thought to have my money stack up so nicely. But, sadly, not the case.

The equation in the actual income cells reads as:

f(x) = IFERROR(IF($A8#=“”,“”,

Does that match everyone else’s? I’m trying to figure out why my incomes are stacking on top of each others.

Thankfully, everything seems to be totaling correctly within the monthly budget tab. It’s the yearly budget that is off.

Mark has noted a potential formula error in the yearly budget tab in Monthly/Yearly Budget bug
albeit in sheets vs excel but is this what’s affecting you?

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I don’t think the Google sheets issue is related, because that is with the Query function and Excel does not have the same Query function. I haven’t investigated this topic’s Excel Yearly Budget issue.