13th month view in Monthly Analysis Sheet


I really like the Monthly Analysis sheet so I can see trends in my spending. But I would really love to have a 13th month in there so I can see what I spent for the same month in the prior year. Is there a way to do this? I peeked at the hidden columns to see how things were put together and it’s way over my head to be able to modify that! Thanks.

@rickdelafuente - I’m not aware of how to modify the Monthly Analysis sheet to do this, but you could simply use a monthly spending pivot table to get that same data.

@heather - Ok, thanks for the tip!

I peeked at this. Definitely possible but also definitely fussy. Not for the faint of heart.

Thanks @randy. I am not up for any heart-stopping action just yet! I’ll go with the pivot table approach. Thank you for looking into it though.

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