Income vs Expenses Monthly & Yearly Summary

I am Tiller follower and think that it’s easily the most flexible and scalable tool to manage expenses/income.
I have a dumb question, Is there a simple chart/sheet that breaks down income/expenses monthly. Excluding cc payment and investments. I can create one manually via a pivot table by adding a new column income/expenses but was thinking something more elegant.
I really like to understand how we’re doing by month with savings/spending.

This doc is a little overkill but it gives a visual of what I am seeking.

So sorry if this is already a tiller lab template, I guess I don’t see it.

Thanks in advance for your time and I wish happy 2020. Michael


I think you will like the Monthly Analysis template.




I think @Blake’s recommendation is a good one. I’d also recommend making sure you mark any cc payment and investment categories as “hide” on the Categories sheet in the Hide from Reports column so they don’t show in the analysis.

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@m.svoboda09 ,

@heather makes a good point. However, since the Monthly Analysis only picks up income and expenses, you should not have to hide the credit card payment as that category should be coded as a transfer, not an expense or income item. If by investments you mean those in retirement accounts, those will not need to be hid either if you have them coded as transfers, which is how I have mine coded. My taxable investments are coded as income items so I would hide those if I did not want to see them in the analysis.



Morning and thank you for your response. I will definitely look into this tonight.
Your support is always spot on.
You are correct I have my cc payment transfers so they would not be applicable as well.
Have a great day and kind regards, Michael