Dynamic Income Statement/P&L

Hi – I use Tiler to track finances, not budget. So, really I want to see income and expenses over a specified time period. In the Tiller Labs add-on you can run a static, rudimentary P&L that is functional but a) you have to run it vs. being a dynamic worksheet and b) it doesn’t total the sub-periods i.e., months, qtrs, etc. The monthly analysis add-on is cool, but it doesn’t have categories and Category Tracker is also cool, but it doesn’t give you the big picture across multiple income and expense categories simultaneously. Are there any plans to develop a dynamic income statement or P&L template in Tiller Labs? Or, should I try to tinker with the annual budget worksheet?

Hi. I have a similar use case and am pretty new to Tiller. Here’s my solution, and perhaps somebody else will chime in with something better.

I’ve been using the Monthly Analysis tab. It is constrained to a 1-yr view sub-totaled by month, but it does have categories-- starting on row 25.

I like it because it doesn’t have the budgeting cruft of the Yearly Budget tab, which I don’t need. I think adding quarterly subtotals would be doable, and probably the closest to what you’re describing.

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Hi MK123 —

Thanks. Sorry for the slow reply. That is helpful. I will give the Monthly Analysis sheet a shot.

The other idea I had was maybe tinkering with the yearly budget tab i.e. deleting all of the budget columns and fields.

I have been generally impressed with Tiller so far, but it seems like a weird gap not to have a native, dynamic P&L/Income statement worksheet that is auto-updated and can have sub-totals and totals.