Monthly Analysis Bug


I’m new to Tiller so please bear with me if I’m not posting this in the right way.

I am using the ‘Monthly Analysis’ tab from Labs. One of my categories seems to be showing a subtotal across both the Income and Expense sections – it looks like it happens any time that a group on the category tab has both an income and an expense category. In other words, if I have an ATM Deposit and an ATM withdrawal, the grey subtotal bar sums across both of them in both the Income and Expense sections of the sheet.

Is there a suggested workaround? Seems a bit strange limit groups to only one kind of category type.


Thanks for letting us know @mk123 and welcome!

@randy or @jonorlin can you please take a look at how the template is build and see if this is a bug or expected behavior?

Hi @mk123,
For the ‘Monthly Analysis’ and other Tiller Labs sheets to work correctly, a Category Group can only contain a single type of Categories: either all Income, all Expense, or all Transfer.

There is a hierarchy of Categories from Type to Group and then Category. So, a Group with income and expense categories will create problems.

I believe this is a pretty standard convention for most personal finance programs.

As a workaround, you could put the ATM Deposit category in a Bank Income group and the ATM withdrawal in a Bank Expense group. You would need to look at both amounts to get a net Bank Income/Expense value.


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OK, thank you for letting me know. I believe the Tiller default monthly budget tab doesn’t seem to work the same way, hence the confusion. I’ll look into creating the groups you described. Appreciate the reply!

Hi @mk123,
Good news. We have published an update to the Monthly Analysis sheet, Version 1.02, which handles Groups that have both Income and Expense Categories. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

You can update the sheet using the Tiller Money Labs Add-on.

Let us know if this works for you.


Oh, that’s thrilling. Thank you, Jon, I really appreciate it!


Thanks, @jonorlin, for digging into this and getting it fixed.

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