1st Command, Command Center Log In Issue (AGAIN)

I am STILL having an issue logging into 1st Command, Command Center from Tiller, despite some top notch help from Tiller support on removing a duplicate account. Issue follows:

a. I hit Refresh.
b. 1st Command box pops up and asks for my Login ID and Password. I input those.
c. Second 1st Command box pops up and ask me to select email or cell phone number for them to send a one time pass code. I select cell number OR email address, it doesn’t matter.
d. I never get the email or text message with a passcode to input. Instead I get this:

Has anyone else had this issue? I’m trying to figure out of its on my end or something to do with the 1st Command MFA system? I am stumped.

Please assist.

Colonel Bill

When I run into this type of connection issue, I always try logging into the account separately, outside of Tiller. Sometimes financial institutions will occasionally ask other questions during login and once you do a login on your own to get through those questions, the data aggregators can connect again.


I’d recommend reaching out to our support team again via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/

We’ll be able to troubleshoot connection issues with our data provider.

This might be a 1st Command problem, but by all means investigate if you would like.

I spoke with 1st Command, which has opened a brand spanking new Command Center portal. There are still a lot of bugs to resolve, so perhaps this issue will fix itself.

BUT . . .

They also told me that as of right now the new portal will NOT work with Mint or anything related to Mint. They then noted that at the top of the Tiller HQ page is a blue bar that states “WELCOME TO TILLER FROM MINT.”

I was then told to provide feedback asking for a correction to the problem, but they may or may not happen.