A few issues after 3 months

Started using Tiller 3 months ago, and have a few issues that I don’t want to wait for the support (takes too long).

  1. Incorrect date: e.g a transaction on 9/5 shows up as 9/6 in Tiller
  2. Unknown transaction: A transaction in Tiller could not be found in my bank account
  3. Two templates open up the same sheet issue

See all screenshots below, any pointer would be greatly appreciated.

issue 1 & 2:

Bank transactions

issue 3:

Hi @traviswu - I think we solved the issue for #3.

I don’t think that we can correct the date issue, it’s just the date we’re grabbing from our data provider, likely the posted date, vs the transaction date.

As far as the transaction that doesn’t exist in your bank account, that one you need to work with us in support on as it’s a data quality issue and the only way to address it is to work with our data provider on it.