A Few Questions I can't Find Answers to

Hello All,

4 days new here. I have a few questions and have scoured the community forum with no luck.

A bit of background on me as a user, I am new to Tiller. I have been using YNAB for years and am making the decision to leave after they raised their rates on their legacy members. I paid for this year as I didn’t have the time to find a good alternative and now that I have discovered Tiller, I think we are a match! I am still running YNAB for the next several months alongside Tiller to make sure I am not missing anything as this is an entirely new way of budgeting for me. I am only linking my checking account at the moment. Once I feel comfortable with things, I will add my other accounts in so that I can use the full power of Tiller.

I have installed the Foundations Template and have add ons of Savings Budget, Bill Payment Tracker, Budget Journal, AutoCat, Balance History Tracker, Recurring Expenses, Savings & Debt, and Statements. I may opt out of some of these as I move along, but I like information. :slight_smile:

Below are a few issues/questions I am hoping to get answers to:

  1. Tiller is not finding a manually entered transaction that cleared my bank several days ago even after refreshing my linked account and using the “reconcile transaction” tool. Any idea why or how to fix this?
  2. I have read at length about the lack of daily reconciling to the bank balance information. Has anyone figured out a work around for this? I have hundreds of transactions each month and the idea of only reconciling to the bank balance once a month is a nightmare. If I decide against Tiller, this would be the reason. I am loving everything else so far. I just can fathom sifting through that many transactions to find an error that might only be pennies (but I will balance to the penny, I’m weird like that.)
  3. What does the blue color mean in the progress bar of the Savings Budget Sheet?
  4. Finally - this seems like a dumb question, but I can’t truly figure out the answer… where do I see if my budget is over? I see an amounts in the black bar (Savings Budget Sheet) and am wondering how to tell if my budget is blown.

Forgive my questions if they seem odd or very elementary and I just can’t see the answers. I promise, I will probably have more.

I can’t leave without saying what a wonderful community TIiler has. From the sharing of information to the creation and sharing of sheets and solutions. I am impressed and look forward to growing in my knowledge and use!

Welcome to Tiller. As a previous Ynab user as well you will like the ability and flexibility to adjust your budget to your needs. That being said, Tiller is much more of a diy product. They have templates that meet 80% of your needs but offer you the ability to customize to meet them 100%. You will find differences in how the do envelope budgeting though. For example, in ynab you can only budget/fund the money you have in fact received. In the tiller savings budget they base it off of the budgeted amount you plan to earn. This makes it hard to keep an at glance view of where you are at compared to your cash on hand. This makes it hard for you keep a perfect track to your envelopes

However like I said the tiller service allows you to customize the basic sheets and build what you need.

I have built a custom envelope sheet that took what I liked from ynab but build upon them. I call it ultimate envelopes. It only allows you to fill envelopes with the money you have actually received but still track to a monthly potential budget. It has a balances section that allows you to see at a glance if your bank and envelope balance are in balance. It also show you instantly if you are over budget or your envelopes are in the red. And it still works with all of the other default Tiller sheets.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

You can also search on envelopes in this forum for other comments about it

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Hello Rich,

Thank you for this! I have downloaded your sheet and look forward to spending time with it. I am assuming that each of the tabs would replace tabs that I currently have in use in Tiller? Would I just copy them into my Tiller budget? Or are these meant to stand alone outside of the Tiller environment?
Do you have any instructions or a tutorial to accompany these sheets? They look amazing!

Hi Karen, you can copy all of the sheets to your current sheet, but… I would suggest that you use this sheet separately from your primary budget sheet at least until you get the hang of it. I woudl hate for you to mess up your current budget and you learn the ropes. Tiller allows you to connect up to 5 sheet to the the Tiller feed so your current and new UE sheet can both be used for now. Then… once you get a hang of it you can transfer it completely to your current budget or just start using the UE sheet as your primary. The sheet yo downloaded has sample data on the Category, Transactions, and Balance history sheets ( these are all Tiller sheets). Feel free to delete all of the data. In addition, there is sample data on the Funding Transactions Sheet that you will want to delete.

While I do have some instructions on the UE sheet, it is for a previous version. Most things still apply, it just has a different look and feel. Take a look at the instruction on this Notion sheet.

Also feel free to reach out to me via the email I sent when you downloaded it.

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