Add additional Category to Type

I did a search and the only thing that comes up is adding category type to colume to transactions sheet. This is not what I want. I want to know if it is possible to add another category, other than Expense, Income or Transfer to the Type colume in the Categories tab. I would like to add Work so I know something doesn’t count as one of the above. Is this possible and if so, how do I do it?


Only three category types are supported. Stuff will break if another is added.


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Best solution is to add a specific category called “Work” or “Work Expenses.” In my case I use it to track my work expenses and then work reimbursements, so that after a few weeks, the total should be zero.

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Can this be changed in future versions? I would like to see savings and tax categories added.

Do you have an example case where the transaction would not be considered either Income, Expense, or Transfer?

Perhaps Tags or other categories could accomplish what you want :thinking:

Note that I’m not a Tiller employee, I’m a user just helping folks out :slight_smile:

I think this would be a pretty heavy lift for the Tiller folks. You can add other types, but as @Mark.S indicated, it’ll mess up a lot of the core Tiller sheets that are designed to accommodate only the existing types (trust me, I tried it). So, I suspect it would necessitate rebuilding all of those core sheets.

I’m a big tags user, and I find that the combination of type, category, and tags lets me get pretty granular in how I manage transactions.

This is the workaround that I’ve done, but I would still like the categories expanded beyond what is currently given. I view my main categories as: income, expense, tax and savings and would like to be able to easily differentiate between those.

Somebody might put this in the feature request forum then. As I wrote above, I don’t think this would be an easy change for Tiller, so they will probably need to see that there’s a lot of strong support for it to consider taking it on.

I’m a relatively new user, and I am just curious why you’d want to make savings and tax their own category types since tax is a category of expense and savings is a category of (asset) transfer.

*This is how I’ve organized my money in my own mind, and I want a spreadsheet to reflect this
*I don’t have much control over my tax bill, I have to pay according to what my government dictates, but I can control my expenses.

A lot of good pointers here. @janet.chartraw as @Mark.S said our templates only support three category Types: Income, Expense, and Transfer but your actual categories and the groups they’re under can be custom. The Foundation Template can support up to 200 unique categories.