Add Tags Column to Category Rollup Report

Is there a simple way to add a Tags column to my Category Rollup Report? I have it included in my Transactions, along with Notes. I’ve also added Notes to the report, but I’d prefer Tags instead. Hope this is not a dumb question/already answered… I’m a newbie! lol

I’m not sure about the Category Rollup since I don’t use it, but there is a Tags Report you could use to accomplish that.

@LAlexander, sure thing! You can just add the Tags column to your Categories sheet and then start adding tags. Then the report generator will give you the option to choose a tag.

Are you asking if the report generator can include additional columns, @LAlexander? If so, that is not possible at this time unfortunately. The scripts that generate the Tiller Money Labs reports only include a fixed set of columns.

In other news, we just published a new Tiller Money Labs feature today that lets you add columns to some of Tiller’s core sheets (like Tags and Note).

This is actually a cool idea for the “add a column” feature :point_down: