Category Rollup report is blank

When I run the Category rollup report, no data is getting retrieved. Here are the default parameters I see when trying to run it.

Please note that when I click on the “filter on category tag” drop-down, there are no options even though I use tags all the time. Not sure if that might be the issue? I’ve chosen the whole 2021 year and there are about 3,000 transactions available.

Any direction is appreciated.



Are your tags in the Transactions sheet or the Categories sheet. This dropdown is specific to tags in the Categories sheet.

What happens after you click “generate report” or whatever the button says?


Hi Heather,

My Tags are in the Transactions sheet. (I’m still a bit puzzled why tags are used in the Categories sheet - seems redundant to me - but I’m likely misunderstanding.)

Anyhow, it seems like Tag filtering wouldn’t apply for my use case but still not sure why the report is blank. The steps I’m following are:

  1. Extensions
  2. Tiller Community Solutions
  3. Reports
  4. Category rollup report
  5. Click Create Report button

The resultant sheet that is created has headers, columns…but no data.