Category rollup issue

I’ve found that my category rollups are duplicating the headers. For example, I now have INCOME, EXPENSE, EXPENSE, EXPENSE

Which sheet are you talking about? I would suggest restoring the sheet from the add-on.

What do you mean? I have two sheets, in only one of them do I use category rollup. How/why would I “restore” the sheet? Everything is working except for the category rollup.



You can restore using the Tiller Labs add-on using these steps as a guide.

Let us know if that doesn’t help.

Hi @mikesalzberg, :wave:

The “restore” feature won’t work for the Category Rollup report (heads up on that @warren) as it’s a static report that gets regenerated every time you run the report from Tools > Create Reports in the Labs add-on.

I haven’t heard reports of this issue before. Can you double check that the word “Category” is spelled correctly at the top of your Transactions sheet and Categories sheet in row 1. If you notice any issues there, just re-add it (spelled correctly) and then re-run the Category Rollup Report.


No issues, both were there and spelled correctly.


What are your CAtegories, Groups, and Types set to on the category sheet.

It looks like the Report shows them as: ( Type, Group, Category)


I just Ran the Report and mine look correct.

Maybe add a screenshot to show what yours is looking like compared to your Category setup.

There are 400 rows, to much for screenshots. But, I did relook at the category tab and found that I didn’t type “expense” in all the categories. I left some blank. I just added expense to all the appropriate categories and it worked just fine.


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