Bogus transactions in the Category Rollup report

I have a curious problem. The Category Rollup reports contains 500 uncategorized transactions in the same amount on the same day. They are each in the same amount of a loan payment to a bank that is a connected account. These transactions are not listed in the Transactions sheet or on the bank’s website. Can anybody tell me what the source of these transactions is or where they are contained in the Foundation Template?

This is the report generated by the Sheets Tiller Community Solutions Add-on? The source data is definitely the Transactions sheet, @bwromeo.

Can you try turning off filters on your Transactions sheet, sorting by date, and double checking that there isn’t data matching those transactions in the Transactions sheet?

Thank you for the response. I used the Manage Duplicate function that found and eliminated those transactions so the problem has been solved. I will keep this solution in mind in the event something like this occurs in the future. Thanks again.